Week Eight… with more practice this too shall make more sense

Did you get better at coding this time? Why or why not? Did you take what you learned from the feedback and make the codes more at a low inference? What was different?

During a practice of this last exercise, I focused on low inference coding.  I found that during my initial coding attempts I used too many key words but after a review of the last few class recordings, my attempts to focus more on low inference codes is beginning to take shape.  I have to keep reminding myself that low inference codes can be a short phrase or even much longer and be a sentence.  As I practice with these codes, I am continuously reminded to translate what is being said without adding any additional judgements or trying to interpret the contents.  I also need to remember that if my codes are brief, there will probably be a level of misinterpretation. As was noted in my recent emic coding exercise, my codes should be more specific in most instances. Dr. Warrens notes from the feedback …”Positive’ is pretty vague. What does it refer to? How is it different from “Positive Experience?” Low inference simply means you are describing things simply, but still descriptive enough that you could come back to it a couple of months later and know what it means and can explain it to your peer coders.”  This totally makes sense and since this was my codes, I have reviewed these codes and focused on this… descriptive enough, but simply put.    

Because I missed some of the group work, I have tried to code a few of the latest transcripts following the low inference code.  I think that working together in a group provides a better foundation for comparing the coding structure. I need more practice with this, but have continued to grow where I am in my understanding.  I think where I am today is due to some of the crucial pieces that I missed – I will attempt to connect and help to bridge my gaps by conversing with some students.  

As I started with in the beginning, I am really intrigued by this sort of coding – I see that this level of feedback can provide a deeper understanding and support the research. I think this sort of feedback in the research process develops over time as to how to code, the types of codes and the connections between the codes.  

Slowly… I am making progress with this… progress.  I know more than when I started and will continue to learn.


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