Week two – Getting started with an analysis…

How did your first quick analysis go? What was easy, what was not, and what you will do differently next time. Talk also about your particular research study from last week. Was what they did what you understood should be done?

My first analysis… hmmmm.  A couple of things that I had to fight off — I wanted to read more into the phrases and I also found myself questioning my selections… alot.  After a few selections, I decided that it was easier to just read the phrase for face value and look for a keyword or a theme.  By selecting this strategy, it helped me to quickly make selections rather than ponder over something.  I might not be in line with the other classmates, but this worked for me.  I think I will utilize this strategy again.  It will be interesting when we compare our results (other students).  

My study analyzed “politeness” and text-based sychronous interactions.  The research outlined what it describes as a linguistic phenomena net yet explored.  Strategies used for compensating for the lack of audio-visual information in computer-mediated communication. 


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