Week One – What is known or unknown… research & worldviews

What is my general worldview in terms of what I think can be known, why that is the case, and how we can best understand the world?

To say that one can truly understand the world might be an understatement.  Over the course of my lifetime the people, the activities, the interactions, the environment all influence my worldview.  Strangers I will never know impact how I interpret societal changes… some positive and others not that great.  I feel that I am fortunate in that strong family values provided the strongest aspect of where I think my worldview derives from and that is from the ethics that my parents instilled in me.  These ethics guide my actions and decisions every day.  I think these ethics are directly related to my character.  I remember attending my high school reunion and this guy I remembered made a really neat comment about me… I was alway the person who helped others, was concerned about others… he said “you were one of the people I hoped that would attend tonight”.  I don’t quite remember that exactly, but I am glad that my parents had instilled that level of ethics that has been with me into adulthood.  I hope that I have done as good of a job with my own kids.  I feel pretty confident that the cycle continues as my peers have made mention of how respectful my boys are and there is a level of trust I have with both of them and how they will always make the right decisions.

Although one might think that defining your own worldview is quite easy, for me it really is not.  My character is one that was developed early… who I am today isn’t really who I thought I would grow up to be.  I believe that things always happen for a reason and that who idea of right time/right place.  I often think about how my life would have been different had my husband not come home one day over 23 years ago and ask me how I felt about moving to East Texas.  I went back to school, began a career in education (not even remotely close to what I thought I would be doing).   Does technology impact where I am today with my worldview… for sure.  It is crazy to think about days without technology.  Why do things happen for reasons and how one connects their lives even with distances.  Do I understand the world?  Do I have questions?  Absolutely.  I have questions as to why things happen – there are things we probably won’t ever have the answers to.  Right now, my questions and worldview relate to tragedies that are happening with guns.  What causes someone to turn and think that killing someone is the thing to do.  I read something recently about gun control – I personally think it is a deeper problem, mental health is a bigger issue.

What is research to me? How does that compare with our in-class definition? How does that help me? How does that make things more difficult when I work with others

Research to me:  an investigation to seek out truth about a topic.  It is a comparison of the information looking for patterns, testing the truths, understanding more about a topic, seeking information that substantiates what you think you know but look for ways to stretch upon information and develop new understandings.  I think research is being inquisitive about topics in which you are passionate about and find information that makes you think, “huh, I didn’t know that or realize that and then search to seek out more about the topic”.

Research is also supported by processes in which you look for data which supports the ideals and not just generalized statements with no proof.  Research is also the stories with rich dialogues but with consistency which helps you understand why the topic is important or adds value to the growing pieces.

My topic is pretty comparable to our in-class definition.  Thinking about research is interesting as to how technology has changed the way one does research?  Does it get easier with the access?  I don’t think so.  I think you have to much more critical and review from a deeper lens — with access comes the tragedy of just including content because of the availability.




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